Digital Zone System

Digital Zone System Photoshop Plugin

Compatible With Photoshop 2021 And Newer

Digital Zone System has been designed to work with Photoshop CC2021 and newer which incorporates the new Plugin feature.

Digital Zone System Photoshop Plugin

The Digital Zone System Photoshop Plugin is a small light weight extension panel giving you access to the Zone System tools which have been designed to help with your black and white photography editing.

The plugin interface is clean and does not include any “bells or whistles” which can lead to distraction. 

Each set of tools work in harmony with each other allowing you to create individual zones or groups of zones.

Zone System Mask Photoshop
Digital Zone System Curves

Digital Zone Groups

Choose from one of the five Zone groups to target a range of zones with a single adjustment.

By using the Photoshop Curves adjustment layer, we can finesse the adjustment with ease.

Zone System Mask Photoshop

Zone Mask Preview

Enabling the Mask View displays a red overlay which will show you which areas of the image are occupied by the individual or group of zones you have chosen.

Use a black brush to paint on the mask any areas which you do not want to be affected by the adjustment you make.

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Photoshop CC-2021 and newer
Windows or macOS